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Publish or be damned?


Publish or be damned?

It’s okay, I know the original and thank you *Arthur Wellesley for the inspiration, but in this instance the above phrase is the right one.

As a writer I read a lot of books. I love my books. Well, other writer’s books, I mean. Mine are pretty good too, and I am still somewhat surprised that I have been able to write the number that I have; and I am still, writing and surprised.

My study has shelves and bookcases full of books.

I do not own a kindle.

And that should tell you more than enough about me as a reader.

Sadly, and perhaps a little stupidly, it also says more about me as a writer than I have been willing to admit. Until this morning. Hence the post.

Just because I struggle to read a book in electronic format doesn’t mean one or two other people might not enjoy it thoroughly.

I have one book in print so why not get the rest out there; even if only in electronic format?

Maybe it’s time to dust off the other six completed novels on my hard-drive, stick my stubbornness where the sun doesn’t shine and have a serious look at Amazon?

One can be stupid all one’s life but one is never too old to learn, right?

*The Duke of Wellington



3 thoughts on “Publish or be damned?

  1. I would love to have a kindle but I do prefer the smell of books. Maybe they could make the kindles to smell like books. 🙂 That would be great as I have a lot of ebooks but it’s no fun to sit upright in front of my pc and reading them and I don’t like laptops. I want something that looks like a book and reads like a book and smell like one too. Guess I will stick to books until then. 🙂

    • Firstly, thank you for visiting, and welcome.
      Always great to see a new face and another writer to boot.
      Yeah, ’tis odd. I am okay with my current publisher putting my novel on the ”interweb” but to take the plunge and self-publish some of my other stuff that my publisher ( that sounds SO ostentatious; it’s not meant to be) isn’t keen on putting out there is daunting. And there really isn’t any reason to feel like this, is there?
      Bullet biting it’s going to have to be, I reckon.
      What’s your recommendation, .22 .45 or 357? 😉

      Probably the Magnum 357? There’s a post there somewhere, I can feel it.
      “Go ahead, make my day. Publish.”

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