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Free eBook. In The Beginning…again

In the beginning...3a

In The Beginning…again.  Douglas Pearce

A comic fantasy.

In the beginning, as with most planets, nothing much happened for g’zillions of years. Well, nothing of any real interest besides some weather, geology and volcanism.

Eventually, Mother Nature began to bring forth life in all its unusual, but nonetheless wonderful, forms.

Over time, a semi-sophisticated race evolved to take its place in the galactic sunshine. They developed technology; including a reasonable space program, fast food outlets, television re-runs and toothpaste with five stripes.

Believing they were at the peak of civilization they weren’t quite ready for the Dino-Killer that appeared out of the blue.


Welcome to the planet Lif, which used to be called er…the, er…the. Something.

Out of the post Jurassic -Park goo arise a new species of sentient bi-ped: a two hundred and fifty kilo Troll.

There are still a few humans around; somewhere, but they’re regarded as sport and food, and not always in that order!

Trolls rediscover religion, but they make a cock-up of it and begin to worship Almighty Dog.

Oh, and they also rediscover the Wholly War….

Poopstown, under the spiritual guidance of Poop Woderwick XIX and his faithful canine companion, Almighty Cheeses, lead a Wholly Crews Aid to the distant city of Barblestown, where the city’s ruler, King Erik seems more concerned about learning how to play a game using a long thin club and a small white ball called Dammit than preparing for the Wholly War-Machine bearing inexorably down upon him.

In the beginning…again is the first novel in an on-going series titled The Mining of Lif.

The second and third novels are already complete.

The first novel will be launched on Amazon within the next two months –

 If you enjoy comic fantasy and would like to receive a free-and-for-gratis pre-release e-book drop me a line.

 I will be honoured to send you one.


10 thoughts on “Free eBook. In The Beginning…again

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  3. I have to go with Fletch on that one Ark : Wow! And I will drop the coffee maker a line for sure …


      • Thanks so much! I got the email and see I chose the wrong word when I asked for an e-book reader. I should have said “kindle” .. LOL! But I guess that was a bit too much to ask for. After all, I did get a free e-book and for that I am very grateful. For now I will be content by reading it on my desktop pc. 😉

  4. Sweet! Comic fantasy is to die for!!!!!
    Does “drop me a line” mean here or by email? I am not adjusted to the whole Ebook thing as of yet, but for comic fantasy would be willing to try.

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