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  1. Wow! Great story Douglas and of course you know it’s the kind I love to read. Well written my friend and thanks for the free download. Just like John I was also suprised to read that it was an Alsation and not a boxer..hehehe but maybe the Aliens did not know at that stage how smart Boxers could be as well. 😉 Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

      • Never! I love German Shepherds! My grandfather used to breed with them as he was a policeman and they used them in the force. You made me think back far when I read this story and it was only great memories. 😀

        Next time write a story with Bella and Bobby as the main characters or I will use that pellet gun on you! 😀 😆

        • The story, Arthur, the dog that though he was a cat, was based on our first boxer, Brunel, and I did a few coloured sketches to compliment it.

          Emily,and Adrian went one step further and made a photo story starring Brunel as Arthur and used themselves as the other characters. Family members and a burglar.
          Emily then took the pictures, transposed them onto paper and coloured them with pencils. The effect is wonderful, especially when one compares the original photographs with the coloured line drawings.
          If ever that gets to print I would love to use her artwork.

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