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Please remember to tell your friends about the teen writing contest:


We are currently working on 2 (alright, actually closer to 8, but…) books.

“Everywhen Angels” by Marie Marshall is told through the eyes of 3 different teenagers in a school somewhere in England, as they take on the function of angels.  They discover along with a small band of others that they have supernatural abilities which they are obliged to keep secret, however.  How they put these abilities to use, for good or bad, that is the matter of the story.  This book challenges its reader to face deep, existential questions; about life, the nature of the universe, the “ending times” and what they mean (from several different perspectives); what is good and what is bad, or is there, and if so, by which right or logic do we interfere in what happens to others.

The story left me…

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