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Poetry. I don’t write it because…

Poetry has never been a literary form I truly understand. But this does not mean I cannot respect and admire those who can write poetry.

Didn’t Homer take a whole weekend to write the Iliad? 😉

Well, this lady can write poetry, and she has also written a novel.

P’kaboo Author, Maria Marshall.

Blank bookcover with clipping path

What is reality, what is illusion? – A lost circus girl in late 20th Century Rome; a female gladiator in ancient Rome. What connects these two very different women across two millenia? In her riveting novel, “Lupa”, Marie Marshall takes you through two contrasting versions of Rome and shows masterfully how people tend to see only what they want to see. 


And this man’s music was poetry as well. And his middle name was Marshall!

Not surprising then, that the author is a fan.


James Marshall Hendrix


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