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Come and check it out! :)

the red ant

If you want to see some highly excited authors:

The Facebook Share Contest is now live.

This gyp has been working herself to a standstill (threatening to lose my bohemian status any time soon) to get it polished, shiny and UP THERE!  And now it is!  So, go on, friendly watchers of the little renegade publisher P’kaboo:

Click the link!!

(You might find yourself at the loaded end of a free ebook, or, if you do it really well, an author-signed paperback.)

My next move:

There is a lovely little writing club in my daughter’s class.

P’kaboo is writing out a writing contest for teenagers.

… watch this space….

(ok you can stop watching this space for a second and get some coffee first, but then come back and watch this space…)



Thank you all you wonderful interesting and interested people, for coming to look at our Facebook Page…

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